Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its ball season!

Its that time of year for school balls again!
Shopping for a dress designer or vintage is exciting and fun but getting a dress made tailored to you is also a great option - you get a dress that you know no one else will be wearing on the night and it can be a really affordable option if your design is not too complicated or you have a store bought pattern to work with. I usually make a few ball dresses each season and love to work with clients to make their perfect dress. The most affordable way to go is to get a pattern made up to fit you perfectly - most designs can be made up for $150- $250 ( + fabrics, zip ect..) Simple design elements can be altered and you get it fitted perfectly to you. I can also make up your own unique design from a picture or idea you have. If you still haven't found your perfect dress maybe I can help! My usual time frame if you are in a hurry is two weeks but if you need it even sooner it never hurts to ask :) email me at

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