Saturday, June 30, 2007

New from Cast Couture

Olive slouch dress - $110, Wool scarf by Vangarde - $60

Black and grey pullover top - $80

Brilliant blue hooded slouch dress - $130, Wool scarf by granny -$20

Black and grey slouch dress - $110, Wool scarf Made by Alice - $50

CAST Couture is a new label to Dandylion Boutique, I always love discovering new designers who are dedicated to making in New Zealand and have a great style of their own. Cast couture by Catherine Stoneley is an innovative range of chic streetwear for the modern woman.

CAST Couture began in the winter of 06' as a small money making venture on the side of High School studies. What started as a small hobby, soon grew with the ongoing demand and within 6 months over 250 one off garments were sold.
Now, CAST Couture is the full time job and love child of 18 year old Catherine Stoneley. A strong willed and highly independent creative artisan, inspired by the ordinary and not so ordinary, conforming to no written code- Catherine creates clothing for the likeminded individual.

Check out more from Cast Couture at

Friday, June 22, 2007


This month dandylion is listening to.....

Ice cream- New young pony club
Heartbeat- Annie
Tell me why- Supermode
Heatherwood- Deerhunter
Chewing gum- Annie
Lets make love/death from above- CSS
Just like we- Hot chip
Kidz at the disco- Cut copy
We are your friends- Justice vs Simian
Enjoy the silence- Depeche mode
Colours- Hot chip
That was just a dream- Cut copy
The young machines- Her space holiday
Epliohunk- Ratatat
Cherry- Ratatat