Saturday, May 27, 2006

FROCKS THAT ROCK!!! At Dandylion we have heaps of vintage dresses hailing from the 50's to the 1980's. Perfect party frocks and dress ups avaliable to hire for only $10 (+ $10 bond), whats more you get to keep it for 4 nights. Here are some pictures that show off just a small selection of what we have. There are a range of sizes and we are collecting more frocks all the time!
( If you'd like to donate or lend to Dandylions dress collection that would be awesome!!!)
Dresses are avaliable to hire any day of the week - just pop in to Dandylion Boutique Mon-Sat , 11am - 5pm and ask , they are all on display in Dandylions back room. Lorene says "Dressing up is fun! " and Nicola says "Rock out with your frock out!!!"

frocks that rock!!