Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I love to wear my pinafore

Here are some more new things.
Thanks Blink for taking these fantastic

This cute pinafore is by Tease The Pony,
and the teal bird singlet by me - Lorelei.

Friday, September 23, 2005

If fashion is your trade then when your naked does that mean your'e unemployed?

Yeah, i love that song........ if your the first person who can tell me who sings it you will win yourself a pretty $50 Dandylion voucher!!!
Wow! I went to the dress rehearsal of the wearable arts awards show last night and it was amazing. It was beautiful, funny and sexy what with fantastic music and lighting, glitter, snow and a troop of slender topless male dancers, and then theres the entrys themselves. If your not one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the actual show definetly see it when its on T.V.
Wellington is all excited and busy at the moment with lots going on, like suddenly everyones woken up. Teapartys are back on yay!!!, for those uninitiated Dandylion hosts a teaparty every Friday from about 12-1 pm. Its open to everyone and sometimes theres cake. yum. Teaparty is also where you can get your hands on the latest newletter from designer and general notorious character/go getter/trendsetter Trashe. Last weeks one is in store now and its a beauty. Just who is that mysteriously enigmatic nude female stormtrooper featured as the centrefold?
At Dandylion theres been new stock arriving every week like usual, Lately theres been some great pieces from lekker becky, a new label "humbug" with super cute screenprinted tees, and today we got a whole lot more of those cute photo printed badges with dolls, teapots, mushrooms and things from Plastic Fairy. I have some great pictures to put on here of some more new clothes but its a mystery to me why the computer doesnt want to do exactly what I ask it to tonight, as far as electric husbands go I think im being snubbed. - If you haven't heard The Bachelorette yet go the the record store and listen!! Shes from Auckland and does pretty electro/indie music, I went to her show a few weeks back and it was one of the best Iv'e seen all year.
yep, summers slowly coming on and thats just fine and dandy.
Competition update: Congratulations!! to Jessica Monk who won the $50 Dandylion voucher ,of course that line is from Underwear by Pulp, and actually I didnt even quote the line correctly. Who else loves Jarvis Cocker? Share your thoughts and you could be the recipient of a Dandylion mystery envelope.