Thursday, October 19, 2006


Clearance sale starts this Saturday!!!

We have lots of hoodys and other such items on sale - up to 50% off for two weeks,
Theres 50% off Lekker becky, 40% off Trashe, 20% off Vanguard and great specials on Lorelei and Tease the pony too. You can also pick up some super cheap summer items from last season on our under $50 rack.

Pop in for some steals and deals- ( remember we are closed on Labour day- Monday from 1pm because we will be making an appearance at Craftwerk- see post below for more info)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hey, Craftwerk is back this Monday 2-5pm at the Southern Cross garden bar. (near corner of Cuba and Abel Smith sreets)
Its a free craft market showcasing up to 30 local designers crafty bits and pieces, from quirky knitted patches and laser cut jewellry to cute underwear ,home baking, local music, zines and gorgeous baby stuff.
Theres something for everyone so be sure to stop by and dont forget at Craftwerk you can buy Lorelei clothing at 50% off!!
Also theres a free mix tape swap box again so get mixing if thats your inclination, and peformances by local musicians The Actualities, Blain Hosford and Thom McArthur. Dont miss it!!!

ISHLAND party photos!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ISHLAND launch party

Come to the ISHLAND website launch party and show, happening this Saturday 14 oct at Dandylion! Its free and going to be fantastic, with live music, the ISHLAND video and art pieces and installations by over 10 local artists.
Just visit the website for your free ticket! Or if you cant make the party visit the exhibition on Sun 12-4 ,and Mon/Tues 11-5pm.

ISHLAND, ‘The Creative Vending Machine’ a new online store that focus’s on gathering a diverse range of artist/designers together and providing a service to the starved arts audience, giving the people the opportunity to purchase innovative products at ISHLAND’s virtual wonderment.

Simultaneously the site aims to inform the interested arts public about what is happening in their Kingdom. DISH THE DIRT subpage acts as a guide to events, with articles, reviews and general gossip!

‘ALL THE QUEENS HORSES’, the first installment to ISHLANDs epic where you will see the website turn from virtual to real. The Launch party/exhibition sees invited artists collaborating with ISH to build this paper kingdom, a chance for the citizens to see, touch, and buy anything invented in ISHLAND.

So come celebrate with the diverse citizens of tangible ISHLAND and dance with The Modern So & Sos playing live at the event, supported by motion graphics and karaoke! Also look out for the ‘activity 1’ colouring competition - Make your own Queens horse’ lying around town, ISHLAND are cloning ‘Rocky’ to populate the party.

So visit contact the Queen, say you’re ‘KEEN AS A HORSE’ and receive your FREE entry through the gates on Saturday 14th October at 9pm, where quirky proves to be the ultimate downfall.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New summer frocks

Pretty new summer dresses made by Lorelei ( thats me) instore now!

Pink puffball dress with pockets, pictured above - $160
Minty jade summer frock - $110
Horse bag by Sew Cherry- $60

Thursday, October 05, 2006

summer hoodies

The cutest sleeveless summer hoodies are instore now in a range of sizes, crossover hoody in sunshine yellow is $90 by Lorelei and Low V Neck hoody is by Amy Elizabeth.

cutie patootie

Cute underwear for all- small, medium and large and boys styles too! All in comfy cotton lycra- so cutie patootie! $16 for girls, $20 for boys