Sunday, August 03, 2008

woo hoo!

Woo hoo! music on my blog!
Go to the very bottom of this page to see my playlist...

Prince, Kate Bush, Cocteau twins even - with my namesake Lorelei song.

I just finished painstakingly copying out all the code myself and Im proud! Sam (my sweet boyfriend) has just started comp science at uni and Iv'e been becoming a bit more familiar with the whole thing, but thats the first thing like that I've done. It feels good to learn how to do computer stuff- even if it is laughably basic. Usually I just copy/ paste code for links and stuff like that but somehow I couldnt do that here- I wouldn't be surprised if i just couldn't find the right place to do it - but anyhow...

Music inspires me quite a lot as a designer- not in any direct way like movies or seeing someone who looks amazing on the street does but in a more inward kind of spiritual way.. its like music can reconnect you to inspiration and excitement of life in general and for me being a big daydreamer and fantasy part-taker some songs can really get me going- slipping into those beautiful places where image and energy and sexuality and emotion take over.

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